In todays airline industry, passenger  needs and  demands are growing ever more challenging every day.  AJETON was designed to meet the ever changing needs of todays operator.  From line maintenance to check level  maintenance, part location and logistics, paint, and all other aircraft requirements, AJETON custom tailors its program to meet your needs and demands to ensure that your passengers needs are completely met.

AJETON is operating from Standard Aero Building at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX),  with access to all terminals and areas to facilitate the required maintenance on your aircraft.  AJETON also has access to facilities for remote parking of aircraft undergoing maintenance that cannot occupy terminal space to accomodate your line maintenance needs.  Additionally AJETON has access to a wide inventory of tooling and facilities to support its customers. 

 AJETON  maintenance personnel have an average experience of 18 years experience in both the line maintenance and heavy check on commercial airliners.  The line maintenance experience comes from various international airports servicing most major airlines.   Our personnel’s heavy-check hangar experience includes performing and managing “C” and higher level service as well as major modifications including cargo door mods, 747 section 41 mods, 757 & 767 winglet installation, and various avionic upgrades.  This level of experience in the hangar helps our technicians on the line, with the ability to troubleshoot, address and correct problems efficiently, instead of deferring it.  This will ensure AJETON’s customers with on time departures and improved dispatch reliability.